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Obama is wrong

I love Barack Obama. I voted for him both times. I miss his greatly, get a little weepy every time he has a public speech as a reminder of the intelligence, empathy, and grace he and his family showed during their time in the White House. None of that changes the fact that he's wrong. He said recently that Americans don't want to tear the system down and that's why Bernie and Warren aren't the best picks. With all due respect it's total bullshit and if he doesn't get that he's not paying attention.

Americans are done, we are fed up, we've had all we can take of the way things HAVE been and are DEMANDING the old system come down and be replaced with something that is more equal that is more inclusive to all of us instead of the wealthy.

You want to know why Trump got the vote? Because the Republicans are done too. They are done with the way things have gone and they were screaming for something different. Was there racist backblow? Fuck yes, I'm not saying they were wasn't but to frame Trump's win as purely racism bitterness is ignoring those who were tired of politician after politican doing the same thing over and over again. It's also the reason why Obama was nominated, he was new, he was fresh he wasn't mired in twenty plus years we hoped for a difference from the ones who came before him. On some things he delivered on others he did not.

The people were demanding Bernie, they saw in him someone who knew the system has been corrupt and he wanted to change it. When Hillary won the nomination there were so many who were just fatigued by one more nominee who was a veteran poltician, who would keep the same old going so they didn't vote, or in Michigan where NAFTA that Clinton signed and helped get their jobs moved to Mexico and Canada they wanted a businessman who promised they could keep their jobs-too late they found out they were lied to all over again.

Americans are DYING for a change. We are literally dying because we can't afford insulin, we can't afford healthcare, we can't afford rent, we can't afford to feed our children. Why are we the only advanced country who can't afford to go see a doctor? Why are our veterans homeless and committing suicide at a rate of 22 every single day? Why has the average salary not increased at the same rate as the head of the companies? We're done marching for same thing our grandmothers marched for. There comes a point when we're just done and the American people, we're done. We have to tear down the old system because we're done with it tearing us down.

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