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Excerpt His for More Than One Night

Stepping out of the elevator, I push my phone back into my purse and turn down the hall to my apartment. He’s there, leaning against my door. Air leaves my lungs in a rush, and I stop, hardly believing it’s him. Then he straightens at the sight of me and looks pissed. His anger gives me the backbone I lost at the sight of him.

I’m going for cool and barely pull it off. “What are you doing here? I told you before, one night only.”

He smiles, and it’s a knowing smile. “And I believe I told you there was a difference between what you want and what you need. I was patient, but I’m done with that now. Open the door and let me in or I’ll fuck you here in the hall.”

His sincerity is clear, and I back away. “Trey, I meant it. I don’t want to fuck you again.”

He follows and grabs my wrist, lightning fast, and pulls me up against the hard length of him. “Thank god, because fucking isn’t what’s really on the menu, we’ll get to that when you’re ready. Open the door, Kate.” It’s a whisper and also a very clear command in my ear. When I don’t move his hand slips over my ass and below my skirt.

I move then, fast, knowing he will keep his word. My key is in the door, and I barely have time to turn the knob before he’s behind me. Pushing me forward, his hard cock against my ass, and I’m wet instantly for him.

“Good girl. I can smell you ready for me, and I’ll be inside you soon, I promise you, first you have to pay for your bad behavior.” Sliding my zipper down he removes my thong and skirt in one movement. His strength is on full show as he picks me up and settles me on the edge of the bed, my ass up at him. I shouldn’t be surprised by the stinging slap, but I am, and yelp. Once hard on the right cheek, then another against the left. Gasping, I can’t get air in before he smacks the right cheek again, harder, and I’m gushing. My hands are clenching the covers, and I bury my scream in the bed, wondering if I have just come from the spanking, but the need is still eating at me. No, not a climax, but damn close, and then he spanks me again. I hear the sound of the bedside table opening, and a second later he’s tearing open a condom.

His name is a whisper. My throat is too tight for more.

“I know what you want, sweetheart, and I will, later. Right now I need to be inside you, and later I’m going to make you sit on my face for at least an hour. Your punishment has only just begun. Especially as you loved the spanking. It wasn’t really a punishment.” With those words of warning, he pushes hard and deep, and it verges on pain he’s so damn thick.

We’re both breathing hard and heavy, and only the sound of flesh slapping against flesh fills the room for long minutes. My climax slams into me violently, and my pussy clenches hard and tight. The groan of my name thrills me as it spills from him at the moment I feel him fill the condom. His cock is jerking, and I clench again, taunting him. Growling, he pulls out of me, and I hear the condom hit the empty trashcan, and then he’s up and undressing. I can’t move. I want to but I just can’t. Every bone feels like mush.

He lifts me easily and settles me in the middle of the bed. He’s naked, and his fingers move quickly over my blouse. When he opens it and gets to my bra, he slows and lowers his face to the valley of my breasts. Breathing deeply, the sight of him enjoying my body so completely has me fighting the tightness in my chest. With one hand he undoes the front clasp, and his fingers brush lightly over my breasts, circling a nipple before tweaking it with the slightest edge of pain.

“So beautiful, so damn responsive. Night after night I dreamed of you, waking hard and aching for you. Beating off like a fucking teenager because of your stubbornness. How many have you tried to fuck since that night?”

I can’t meet his eyes. How the hell did he know? “Two.”

“Did they even get inside your apartment?”

Shaking my head, I run my hands through my hair. It was embarrassing. “No, never made it out of the bar. None of that matters, Trey. I can’t do this. I can’t be what you need me to be.” 

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