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Excerpt for His on the Rebound

“What the fuck is it with you and bathrooms? Is this some kink you have?"

She’s blustering, trying to get her shots in first. I laugh. “There’s no way in hell you are like this with Kevin. I refuse to believe it.”

Whether it’s my laughter or words, I catch her off guard. Pausing, she considers my words. “Maybe because I like him.”

"You don’t have to like me, I just need you to sit on my cock.” Sarah makes a fatal mistake, turning around to see where she could hide. I pin her against the low vanity, pressing my hard cock into her soft ass. Heaven, fucking hell, heaven is her body melting into me. My arms go around her, resting palms down on the vanity my lone concession to not going faster than I think she’s really ready for. “Do you feel how hard you’ve had me since I met you? I haven’t had to jack off since fifteen, do you know that? Now, every damned night I’m hard and my cock only wants your pussy. No one else’s will do. Come to me, tonight. I see the longing in your eyes. You’ve been thinking of me too. Put us both out of this misery.”

She closes her eyes against me from the mirror where our eyes have been locked. “No, I’m not going to change my mind. It’s wrong. I’m not made the way you are. I can’t give my body to someone when I’ve promised it to someone else. Kevin cares about me, he loves me. I’m not throwing all that away for sex, not when I have love.”

Now, I’m squeezing my eyes closed, damn it! This isn’t the way I wanted her, but now I don’t care anymore. My cock is howling in agony for her. Any way I can get her, I’ll take. Pushing away from her startles her into turning around. “Fine, you want to throw Kevin up like some shield? Interesting, you use him as an excuse not to cheat when he’s been cheating on you with Lindsey going on six months, now. Don’t look shocked, because I don’t believe it! I refuse to believe on some level you didn’t know! Lindsey helped get him fired from Feinman because they were fucking all the time, and his sales dropped. Her way to make it up to him is how he got this job. I owe Lindsey more than one, however I’m done, because tomorrow I’m firing the both of them. They spend all day fucking or texting about fucking, he still isn’t selling and she isn’t getting her work done. There’s also a married neighbor he keeps company when her husband goes out of town. Don’t, don’t look at me and tell me you didn’t at least wonder once or twice, don’t you dare!”

Why am I angry at her? She fucking looks like I’ve kicked her in the gut. I don’t hurt women, that’s not what makes my cock hard. Closing her eyes, tears fall. I’m pissed I can’t wrap my arms around her and tell it’s all right, because right now, it won’t be. Shuddering, she nods. “I wondered, okay, once or twice I wondered. But I love him, and I thought he loved me. Because of that, I refused to do more than think, refused to do more than wonder. And right now I refuse to take your word.”

No fucking way, her hand is on the door. “God damn it! Don’t you dare fucking go to him! You know he’ll lie! I don’t fucking care what you say, this isn’t about you and him, it’s about you and me.” Two weeks have been too long. My mouth comes down on hers. Her mouth is closed to mine, at first. The pent up anger dies as I work at getting her to invite me in. I tease my lips against hers, nibble on her lush bottom lip. Stealing in on her gasp as I press my cock right against her mons, I’m in her mouth. Fucking hell, she’s rubbing against me and the gentle kiss goes up in flames. She’s moaning my name, whimpering. I fight everything in me to pull up her dress right there. Breaking the kiss is fucking painful. “Come home with me. Let me kiss you right, where you belong, in my bed. I want to taste your pussy dripping on my tongue, I need to feel your pussy sucking my cock deeper inside you, your legs wrapped around my waist. I want to kiss your mouth as I pump into your body, and feel you shudder against me when you come.

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