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Excerpt for His Marriage Demand

His breath is against my ear in the moment before he speaks. I shiver at his heat, “Put the damn ring on and put the both of us out of this misery. I have the jet on standby. We can be in Vegas, married and back by the time you have to be home to get Justin off for school. You can be moved into my home, our home, by this time tomorrow night. You’ll be where you’ve belonged for so damn long. Enough hiding, no more endless nights of longing, put the damn ring on.

I can’t leave the project I’m on right now and I know you won’t want to leave Justin alone. We’ll do a honeymoon once school is out.”

Damn the needy moan escaping me as his mouth finds my ear and his tongue slides over my skin. A nip at the soft skin of my ear and I jump as he kisses me down the side of my neck. I’m not surprised he’s so damn good at knowing just where to linger. I push the words out, desperate to stop him while I can still think. “Why bother to purpose a marriage with a time limit on it?”

I’ve finally got his attention and he’s surprised. Pulling back, he looks down at me in confusion. “What the hell are you talking about, a time limit?”

“You said I had to sign a prenup for when it was over. I get the prenup but you said it like you didn’t expect it to last. So how long do you expect what you’re offering to last? Two months, two years, how long?”

“Jesus fucking christ, that’s what has you saying no? Ria, I’m not putting a time limit on the marriage. You’re still young, only twenty six and I’m not expecting you to go the distance. I don’t want children. Justin is already here, I understand your loyalty and love for him. I’ll do my best to make sure he’s cared for and knows he’s an important part of both of our lives. You might not want them now but you’ll probably eventually want children. That will be when our time ends. It will be up to you, I’ll keep you as long as you want to stay.”

Anger flares hot and bright at his words. Angry tears well up, and I push him away, he’s too close. Once again he’s saying I can have him but not really because yes, one day I want kids of my own. Only they won’t be his, the way I want them to be. “You know everything, don’t you? The Dragon of Chicago, cold-blooded, brilliant, demanding, arrogant and no one says no to you ever. Every fucking thing is planned, plotted, and everyone is just supposed to fall in line. Well, if you know everything then you should know I’m going to say no, again. I’m saying, no and I hope that ring is returnable.”

I turn and my hand is on the door. He moves fast, so fast my head is spinning as he pushes me against the door and presses his body against me. Heat flares everywhere, my skin is too damn tight and I crave something I’ve never known before. His mouth is on my neck and he’s not gentle this time, he’s leaving a mark. Drake’s hands are everywhere and I melt, my legs won’t hold me up. He feels it, picks me and he’s walking toward the bedroom of the suite.

Sanity hits me as he drops me on the bed, not gentle anymore. He’s tearing off his shirt. Even as my body aches for the hard muscular chest he’s revealing to press back into me, I’m shaking my head, words are too hard to form. I’ve lost the blazer to the uniform somewhere and half the buttons on my shirt are undone, without any memory of how it happened. Nodding, yes, he follows me down on the bed. Nimble fingers find the clasp of my bra in the front and opens it. His fingers are as greedy as his mouth as they roam over me. My skin tingles everywhere he touches. I want to feel him all over me, his skin against mine.   

            Wet heat flows as his mouth covers my breast and his tongue tortures me. My hands are going up to his hair to pull him away then they lose all thought once the feel of his hair silky soft connects with them. His mouth moves to my other breast and I feel like I’m coming out of my skin. Fingers move up to replace his mouth. It’s not nearly the same, yet it feels so damn good. I want more and I don’t ever want him to stop touching me.

            “Just as beautiful and as responsive as I dreamed you would be, so damn beautiful.” He murmurs as he looks down at me and his mouth is back on mine. He tastes of hot nights of sin and sex and I’m giving up and into him. Then I hear my phone beeping, it’s Latisha and sanity is rushing back to me. I freeze and he feels it. Tearing his mouth off of mine, he rolls off and away from me. I move as fast as my screaming body will let me, the loss of him of him is agony, it’s painful to move. My fingers are numb as I try to get the bra back together and do up the buttons of my shirt. I roll off the bed and start looking for my blazer.

            “Ria,” He’s weary as he watches me, “I don’t want you to go. This hasn’t been resolved.”

            “I don’t care what you want. So what, you can turn a woman on in bed. Half the women who encounter you probably get turned on without you touching them. I need more than that. I’m not marrying someone who’s looking for the exit before he’s even walked through the door. I sure as shit am not putting everything I have in jeopardy for a tumble in bed.” 

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