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Excerpt for A Favor

“Aren’t you forgetting something, Zoe? I was promised a kiss once we got here. I’m here, I talked to Taylor, and we’ve agreed to a six-month trial. Now it’s time for you to pay up.”

My brain goes fuzzy with him so close. His hands are on my hips and he’s backing me up toward the bed. All I hear is six-month trial. “A six-month trial?”

“I told you, baby, I don’t need the money, and I’m not looking for anything permanent. If after six months it’s still going well, then I stay, if not, then I go.” He barely presses me and I’m down on the bed. “A kiss, you promised, given freely.”

I can only nod, finally admitting I’ve thought of nothing else but this moment since I woke up this morning. His soft lips are at my temple, his hands are at my waist. Closing my eyes, I offer my mouth to him, yet for a long moment there is nothing. Then his hands shift me and unzip my skirt and pull it down. I’m so caught up in the feeling of his hands sliding down my body I don’t even think of telling him no. His hands slide back up and catch in the top of my panties. With a squeeze of my ass, he pulls them off much faster than my skirt.

“A kiss for the prettiest lips I’ve ever seen. Using my tongue on the sweetest pussy I’ve ever tasted.” A whimper escapes me as his fingers edge in and then out again to play in the soft hair. My hands move into his hair, and I’m sure I’m going to stop him, except my fingers won’t obey and my voice catches in my throat.

Velvet, hot and wet, slides over the seam of lips slick with need, and at that first stroke my hips come up begging for more. His hands tighten and hold me in place for him. Whispered words of praise for my scent and taste flow up to me, and he was so very right. He could talk much dirtier than he had and it made me wetter to hear the shockingly graphic words. I open wider, needing more from him, and he gives it. Thick fingers open me for him, and his tongue delves deeply, greedy and hungry one moment then gentle and teasing the next. It isn’t enough, and then so much more than I’ve ever felt it’s almost painful, and I want more. Sam is demanding his name from me, and I gasp it again and again. He rewards me with the feeling of two thick fingers slipping inside my slick channel.

“Fuck, how the hell are you so tight? My dick is a hell of a lot thicker than two fingers, and your pussy clings to them. You like that, baby? So wet. You taste so damn good. We’ll have to go real slow when the time comes. I promise I’ll make it good for you.” His mouth is back on me, sucking deeply and moaning about how good I taste. My hips meet his fingers as they work in and out of me. I’m close to coming, and he knows it. His tongue flicks across my clitoris and I cry out, begging for my climax, but he holds me back, his tongue tasting me deeper where his fingers move in and out of me. If I wasn’t so desperate for my orgasm I would be ashamed at the slurping sounds he’s making, but I have no shame of my need for him and what he does to me.

“Please, Sam, please.” My fingers tug in his hair, but he refuses to be led. He moves his fingers out of my channel and finds a spot that has me coming off the bed as he jacks his fingers in and out over it. A few strokes, faster and faster, and then his mouth moves over and sucks my throbbing clitoris into his scorching mouth. He sucks hard while his tongue flicks over the tight flesh again and again. I come in a gush far stronger than anything I have ever felt before. It’s so strong it scares me and I scream his name, as the world fades away.

When the world comes back into focus, I’m surprised to find I’m alone, and my door is closed. Rolling over onto my side, I’m not sure if I’m happy or sad he’s gone. He did what he set out to do and proved I want him, that I can’t tell him no. He accepted the job, and I know it’s because of me. If he had gone home, it would be over, and he wouldn’t have pressed for the kiss. I know deep down that he wouldn’t have started something if he had no intention of seeing it through.

So if I let go of the fear about hurting him that Sam keeps reassuring me isn’t necessary, then I could enjoy some extremely hot and amazing sex for a while. Yet all I can think about is that he’s gone now and he only agreed to six months. At his house he said he wanted me, not a relationship, and it could take a few months to get a need as strong as he has for me out of his system. Is that his offer, six months and then he’ll walk away? I should be happy, jumping for joy, only now lying on my bed alone and still trembling from what he did to me, I feel empty. Is it my turn now to be the one who gets hurt at the end?

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