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Just to catch you up, kidney stone on March 7th resulted in ER visit where a CT was done. A car accident almost three years prior lead to an ER visit to the same hospital and a CT. Apparently masses were found in my liver in the CT from three years ago but the doctor didn't say anything. This ER doctor said get them check right now, ASAP. There were multiple and one had nearly doubled in size.

So I did. I went to a new doctor because my old one was a massive prick. I told her about the masses and was all so yeah let's just cut those out that would be great thanks. She's all nope not the way it works it will likely be a let's watch it and monitor it then if there issues they will be removed. I was pissed but fine let's go through this. I had an MRI done no help except finding everywhere the masses are they are killing liver tissue around them. My doctor changed her tune, we aren't done but with the killing liver tissue thing the pathologist thinks it's a good idea to remove them.

Then a biopsy, despite four samples taken were unreadable. The pathologist in my city couldn't say, sent it to the Mayo clinic the big fancy place where they know everything about weird, yeah they don't know what it is either. I told the GI specialist up front before he got into it that I want the masses cut out ASAP and they could figure out what the hell the doctors can figure it out what once they are outside of my body. The GI specialist agrees with me that surgery is best to remove them as no he can't say 100% but he is leaning to them being malignant.

The GI specialist has to refered me to a surgeon who has to agree with my doctor, the pathologist, the GI specialist and me that cutting me open is the right thing to do.

My appointment with the surgeon is on Tuesday. I'm hoping to come away with a surgery date.

I want to write, I do but the words aren't coming with all this stress hanging above my head. My hope is once these things are out of me that I can focus on the words and the story alone. I appreciate every single reader and your patience in the time it takes to write my next story.

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