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BBW Romance

Carrie Whitney’s young twin brothers have messed up one too many times. Rafael Castillo now holds their future in his hands. The ruthless billionaire isn't interested in giving them a second chance. She has no choice but to go to Rafael to beg for her brothers to be given another chance. Nothing goes as planned, and in a whirlwind of tears and accusations, Carrie finds herself in the arms of a man she knows has the power to make or break her world. Never expecting to find someone like him, she is willing to take him any way she can get him. A relationship based only in her bedroom, no promises, no holding hands. 

Rafael Castillo wasn’t expecting the tiny woman with the bright blue eyes to turn his world upside down, and he doesn’t like it. This wasn’t the way it was supposed to go, and now that he’s lost in her beautiful body, the way out of their nights locked in her room, away from the pressures of expectation, is harder to find.


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