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The Castillo Family: Follow Rafael, Matteo, Javier and their nephew Santos a billionaire family they made their fortune in the construction business. When it comes to building relationships all their money can't help them when it comes to women who want what money can't buy. 

My twin brothers have never been little angels but this time they might have gone too far in crossing Rafael Castillo. Rafael wants them punished to the furthest extent of the law for trespassing and destroying his company's construction site. I can't defend what they did, but I also can't let them go into juvenile detention. All I'm asking for is another chance. But the arrogant, gorgeous billionaire refuses and cuts me down without listening. So I might have started yelling, their might have been bitter accusations on both sides, and I might have lost it and cried. Then somehow I was in his arms.

The instant lust shocks us both. Yet while I'm more than willing to act on it, Rafael refuses. Until I lie and tell him all I want are the nights in my bedroom. No commitment, no strings, just sex. Only all too soon it's not enough but will we ever make it out of the bedroom or are we doomed to fail?

***This is a rewrite of Rafael's Woman. It has been changed from 3rd person to 1st person and there is an additional 12 k words.***

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