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Laura is a blonde with a bombshell body that has men drooling over her and treating her like a blow up doll, to be used only for their pleasure. Growing up Laura had been taught sex was a dirty thing and it wasn’t to be enjoyed. Her first boyfriend did a good job of making sure she didn’t, same with her ex-fiancé.


A job offer comes her way that has Laura’s interest, an assistant is leaving her position and is trying to find a replacement. The only thing is her replacement has to be willing to let her boss have his way with her whenever and however he wants. Laura’s shock is quickly sidelined as the woman describes the complete and utter satisfaction she finds in her boss’s demands. Having never experienced that kind of pleasure before and wanting to know what it’s like Laura agrees to meet Paul.

The very first time she meets him she knows he’s what she wants, what she needs. It will be mutually beneficial for the both of them. Hot, satisfying sex on tap for the both of them. That’s all she wants, all she’s looking for, right? Falling in love isn’t on the agenda, for either of them.

**Please be aware this is an erotic romance and explicit with scenes of spanking. Beta readers labeled it Romantic Smut so if you are offended by something considered smut please don't buy. 

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