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BBW Romance 


How could I have let Maxwell Brandt kiss me? I can't stand the arrogant, billionaire who treated women as if they were disposable, to be used then thrown away. Who the heck am I kidding? I’m just as bad because I kissed him back, with a hunger I've never known before. Despite the fact Max keeps coming back to entice me, I stand firm. I won’t cheat on on Kevin, my fiance. I won’t become that person, no matter how badly my body wants him.

Until the moment Max drops a bomb that destroys everything. Kevin has been cheating. His words destroy the illusion I’ve been hiding behind, because I know he’s telling the truth. Breaking things off with Kevin isn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be, my pride hurts more than my heart. 

All I want to do is hide and lick my wounds but Max demands I fulfill the promise of that kiss, in a rush of anger, pain, and hunger, I give in. The feeling of being wanted by a man like Max wiping away the humiliation of Kevin’s betrayal. Maybe a fling, a rebound affair, is exactly what I need. No promises, no expectations, and no broken heart. At least, that’s the way it started.


Out of curiosity, to get a look at the fiancée who put up with a cheating weasel like Kevin Jarvis, I find myself looking into the bright green eyes of a woman who makes my body hard with longing. Then the weasel does the unimaginable and introduces green eyes as his fiancée. Even though she looks at my hand like it’s a grenade about to go off, she takes it and we both feel the attraction. We’re both in deep $hit now, because I know she feels what I feel and I’m about to go after her, fiancé or not.

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