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For two years, Ria has longed to touch the fire in Drake Hawthorne’s eyes, but she doesn’t dare. The hotel where she works has a strict hands-off-patrons policy and if it’s found out she’s even lingered too long in his room, she’ll lose the job she’s worked so hard for. Maybe if she were more reckless and willing to step out on a ledge she would, but she isn’t and she can’t. Because it isn’t just Ria’s welfare at stake, but her little brother’s, and she’s not able to put his happiness on the line for her own. So, she’ll keep hiding behind the meaningless wedding ring and fake husband that she knows is the only thing that has kept Drake from pushing her for more. She’s seen enough rich and powerful men like Drake Hawthorne to know they didn’t care about the havoc they left behind only for the moment where they got what they wanted. Ria needs more than a moment, she wants and needs forever.

When Drake finds out there isn’t a husband, he demands marriage, and Ria opens her mouth to say yes, until he warns her about the ending. Marriage shouldn’t come with a time limit and Ria refuses to give in. Just when it looks like forever is promised, will a threat from her past cost her the future that’s within reach with Drake?


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