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Ivan Volkov is a wickedly intelligent, ruthless, and devastatingly gorgeous billionaire with a sexy British accent. He also owns the company I work for. The plan was simple: get his attention to show him I was the one behind all my boss’s awesome proposals that have been making the company hundreds of millions of dollars for the last three years. I’m the one who should be in the big office making a six-figure salary.

It worked. I definitely have Ivan’s attention. He’ll put me in the big office with a six-figure salary—once he’s done with me. He needs a personal assistant until he can find a replacement. It won’t be long, he assures me, no more than a few weeks.

Close proximity to Ivan Volkov for a few weeks? Sure, I don’t need my dignity. I wasn’t using it anyway. No matter how many times I tell myself to stop staring at him with lust, I can’t.

Volkov turns down the offer I never even made; he saw me staring, he’s used to it by now. An unrepentant user of woman, all he wants is for them to satisfy his need, then be on their way. He can get that satisfaction from any woman. The money I make him isn’t worth losing when he’s done with me.

Until the moment he needs more: a shield from a woman who won’t take no for an answer. He will do anything to protect his little sister from having her wedding ruined, even faking an engagement with me. Brilliant tactician that he is, he comes up with the answer to both of his problems. For the next three weeks we can satisfy the lust we both feel, while at the same time making it clear he isn’t available.

But before long what’s between us feels all too real. Can this lead to forever, or will the billionaire choose money over love?

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