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Diego Suarez is a Boston homicide cop who comes from a completely different world than Catherine Fisher. He’s the son of Mexican migrant farm workers; she can find the founders of Boston in her blue bloodline. He’d had to endure a stint in the Marines to fund college; she’d gone to a private university and her graduation present had been a three- story home in Back Bay, where Diego couldn’t even afford property taxes. They are different, too different for it to work out between them. Cat deserves better than what he can give her. It will never work. 

It doesn’t matter if the only time he feels alive is when he’s with her. It doesn’t matter that she looks at him with all the love she feels for him in her eyes. One day she’ll wake up and figure out she can do better than him. It’s better to never start something that won’t last, can’t last. 

Catherine doesn’t care about money, the having of it or lack of it. All she cares about is Diego. After Diego has been shot and she is asked to look after him, she knows she has just one last chance to find out what is keeping Diego from her. She knows he feels something for her, so why is he pushing her away? 

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