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Javier: The Castillo Family Series

Javier Castillo might be a gorgeous, brilliant billionaire—but he's also a massive a$$hole. His only redeeming quality is how much he loves his baby daughter. A daughter he wasn’t aware existed until her grandmother dumped her on him like she was returning lost luggage. Her mother is dead and her grandmother decided she couldn’t take care of her after all.


Okay, it’s kind of amazing the way he didn’t flinch from the baby thrust into his arms. He wants the best for her but doesn’t believe I am it. I’m the nanny with a thirty-day trial hanging over my head.


He’s trying to get me to quit, I just know it. Except I refuse to go easily or quietly, no matter how mean or rude he gets. There's no way I am going to mess up this job. If I do, I'll be homeless again. I’m positive he’s just worried I’ll develop a crush on him and become a clingy, lovesick pain. So why do I feel his eyes on me when he thinks I'm not paying attention? What about overhearing him warning a man away from me with a feral, jealous possessive air?

It's wishful thinking—poor, plain, fat women like me don't get the gorgeous billionaire like him anywhere but in the movies.

I'm here for his daughter, not him. Except before long it isn’t just his daughter who has stolen my heart, and I wonder if maybe I'm not imagining things after all

This is book 2 in the Castillo Family series. You need not have read the previous book to enjoy this one, and it does not end in a cliffhanger.

Trigger warning: The heroine's father commits suicide off page as her personal history. Her mother commits suicide off page during the course of the story.

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