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There is no way around it. I am not going to be able to pay for everything that Dominic needs. 

Cost to publish Dominic

 $550 for the Copy edit

$250 Developmental Edit

$250 for Marketing 

Math totals $1050


$5.00 Thank you on all my socials and on the dedication page

$10.00 Previous of thank you/mentions, and signed bookmark or a sticker

(only 36 bookmarks and 40 stickers so it is either one not both)

$20.00 Previous and signed paperback

$25.00 Previous and 'swag' 

$50.00 Previous, 2 signed paperbacks and name a character

$75.00 Previous and mystery box

$100 Previous will include 4 signed books

If you prefer to not click the donate button on this page-totally understand if you do it through your own Paypal, please do it as gift to friend/family so there are no fees removed. This will likely show up as my real name,  Fiona is a pen name, when you hit donate. For a donation where I will need to mail to you please include your address or email it to me:

***For items mailed outside of the U.S. I will calculate the postage and bill for postage in order to send. I apologize however the postage to some countries could cost the total of the entire donation which wouldn't a donation at all.***

Even though I am still having issues paying bills please know everything that is going to Dominic will go there and not to cover any bills. It's more important to me that he gets the best story possible so the money donated will stay in the Paypal account so it can pay for everything. 

Books on hand to mail out immediately are: 

His Dirty Demands

His Dirty Promises

His Dirty Bargain

His on the Rebound

His on Demand

Available, will need to order: 

His Under Contract

His Fire Inside

His Sugar Baby

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