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Descent into  Madness


I’m told the man I’m to marry is a psychopath. He doesn't feel. They say it’s a good thing, no feeling means no anger for me to fear. Except they don’t see the flip side. If he can’t feel, he can never love.

He saved me by ending my boyfriend who refused to take no for an answer. Only Manuel Rodriguez is no savior. He’s the lethal enforcer of the all-powerful Rodriguez cartel. His father and brother handle their drugs and money. Manuel handles their death and destruction.

I wasn’t supposed to be there. I’m a good girl. I was raised to be a perfect mafia princess, destined to be the wife of a powerful mafia capo.

My rebellion against my destiny culminated in me thanking him on my knees. And ended the moment I was back on my feet.

For Manuel, my way of thanking him wasn’t enough. He needs a mother for his children. I need to protect my mother and myself from my father’s misdeeds.

Now one question remains: Can a marriage without love and made of lies survive?

Because I lied when I told myself I married him to protect my mother. I lied by omission when I didn’t tell him the secrets he asked for. I have a secret. A secret that could destroy everything, including a marriage I’ll do anything to keep.

While this is the first book this is a standalone series and does not end in a cliffhanger.
This is a dark cartel with elements that may be be disturbing including rough scenes. The mother of Nicolette experiences multiple miscarriages resulting in mental distress including hospitalization in a mental facility. If such things offend you please do not buy.

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