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A Map of my Books

Since I've been publishing since 2014, I have more than a few (I've pulled two for rewrites though.) This is a quick run down in chronilogical order-if you want a reading guide. But I write all to be read as standalone. Earlier ones are not plus size also more porn than story. All books feature spanking of both kitty cat and ass. 

Abby has gone wild: SA survivor meets OTT cop who coaxes her out from behind keyboard. Porn: cock warming, toys used, phone sex

His Secretary with Benefits: Corn (just porn, straight up, not much focus on a story) spanking, cock warming, OTT alphahole, age gap.

His Hostile Takeover: BBW, age gap, bosshole, virg!n, cock warming. OTT billionaire used to taking what he wants and he wants her.

His Back Bay Princess: Brother's best friend, virg!n, Latino, class difference, cock araming, age gap, tries to get pregnant without telling him to keep him.

A Favor: Scarred H intent on getting the h. (more porn than story)

His Next Chapter: Landlord scarred H and hot af h. (pornish), cock warming, spanking, age gap

His Marriage Demand: H lusting for h who lied she was married. Age gap, millionaire, br33ding, v1rg!n secretly

His for More than One Night: child SA survivor who demands only one night. billionaire boss, spanking, porny, cock warming

His Healing Touch: BBW, spanking, Doctor goes after the curvy girl not used to being wanted by anyone.

His on the Rebound: BBW spanking, age gap, Latina. Billionaire goes after her even though she has a fiance

His Under Contract: BBW, (written after a binge of Suits love Harvey), spanking, Native h. Falls for ahole boss.

His on Demand: BBW, bully, Virgin, spanking tushy and kitty cat, sex in dressing room and office, Latina. Bosshole tries to bully her into quitting because he doesn't think he can keep his hands off her. Doesn't work. (Lydia appears in this book for the first time. her story is His Christmas Wish)

His Sweetest Sin: Sweet talking bad boy baseball player and good girl lawyer. Lord these too. Sports romance, BBW, Latino, spanking, dp w/toy, breeding dirty talk.

His Fire Inside: BBW, Latina, Latino, cock warming, TW for sister experiencing dv, spanking, age gap. Bosshole tries to keep his hands off her. Doesn't succeed.

His Dirty Demands(Dirty Billionaires series): BBW, Latina, age gap, v!r1n, $panking, Always Free. Bosshole tried to keep his hands off her. Didn't succeed, he bl@ckmails her into bed. (Lydia appears)

His Dirty Promises(Dirty Billionaires Series): BBW, Latina, virgin, spanking, TW for miscarriage, age gap. She's supposed to be off limits. (Lydia appears)

His Dirty Bargain(Dirty Billionaires series): BBW, Latina, spanking. He knows what he wants and he wants it all with her. He thinks he can skips to the good part, it doesn't work that way. (Lydia appears)

His Fake Fiancee: BBW, Latina, (porny vibes) public finish (under the table), cock warming, spanking, breeding to keep her, fake engagement, bosshole. Just three weeks. Right? (Lydia appears)

HIS: Dominic(Sabatini Family series)-They're married whether they want to be or not. BBW, Latina, kidnapping, cock warming, arranged/forced marriage, dark mafia, spanking, dub con, tied up, age gap, phone sex, while he watches on cameras. (Lydia appears as do all couples from the Sabatini family) 

HIS:Tony(Sabatini Family series)-She tried to kil1 him. He decides to keep her in front of her so he never has to worry about her trying again from behind. Breeding to keep her, tiniest snippet of lacating, BBW, Latina, cock warming, dub con, dark mafia, age gap, second chance, k1dnapping., goes down on him in public (Lydia appears as do all couples from the Sabatini family as well as Chloe's grandmother from His Dirty Bargain) 

HIS:Luca(Sabatini Family)-He saves her from trafficking. He knows she belongs to him at first sight. Br33ding to keep her, age gap, Latina, former SA survivor, BBW, $panking, dark mafia, C0ck warming. IN KU

His Christmas Wish **Currently on sale for only .99 cents** BBW, interracial, Christmas story, breeding to keep her, spanking, virgin, c0ck warming, trigger warning for discussion of previous ED. Billionaire willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. LYDIA'S BOOK (Alicia and Cesare appear)

Rafael: He's her boss she deserves more than he can give. BBW, virgin, age gap, billionaire, Latino, spanking, tied up.

Javier: Nanny and billionaire, nuff said. spanking, age gap, tied up, Latina, Latino, masturbates on camera for him, tiniest snippet of lactating. (Rafael and Carrie from Rafael appear)

Beautiful Broken Obsession: He sees her once and it's all over, for both of them. Virgin, breeding with ALL the dirty talk, spanking, goes down him in dressing room, cock warming, praise, literal touch her and die, dub con, dark bratva, BBW, her mother is half Filipino, h has dyslexia, age gap. (Lydia and all couples from the Sabatini Family appear)

Beautiful Broken Vengeance: She's out to make him pay as an FBI agent, he's the secon in command of Bratva and comes after Beautiful Broken Obsession. Daddy without age play. Cock warming, dp with toy, spanking, lactating. 

His Vicious Vow:  Happens after Luca's story and runs along the same time as Beautiful Broken Obsession and Celia and Milos appears as Celia is Carina's sister. Breeding, spanking, dub con, age gap, her mother was half Filipino. 

Descent into Madness: He can't feel, good for being the ruthless enforcer of the largest cartel in the world not good for Nicolette who wants his love. Fast burn, instalust, praise, slightest degrading, mother has suffered several miscarriages that resulted in mental distress, sunshine to grumpy, soft only for her, dub con, cnc, spanking, tied up, literal touch her and die, dark cartel, age gap, Both are mixed with Colombian and Italian for her Colombian and Lebanese for him. Manuel appeared briefly in HIS: Luca and Beautiful Broken Obsession. You do not have to read the others. This is after Luca's is over and runs along Obsession in timeline. 

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