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Beautiful Broken Vengeance 

Phoenix Raymond is a puzzle. Despite her father selling her to a sick man when she was only a child, she’s a true virgin at twenty-four. Somehow she’s an FBI agent without ever having set foot in Quantico. And most importantly, she wants to destroy my family—but she’s my wife. 


She wants us to pay for the skin trade we dealt in. It doesn’t matter we got out of that a long time ago. The debt for her is personal. The woman is tenacious, a problem who refuses to go away. Two weeks ago I demanded my brother allow me to end her as a problem. He denied my request and told me to figure out another way. One week ago he told me to find a wife. When she shows up on my doorstep broken and bleeding, I solve her problem and mine.


Once she’s healed, she thinks she can walk away—that she has to walk away. She thinks because her…needs are different that I won’t want her, won’t be the daddy she craves, that I’ll leave her the way everyone else has. What she doesn’t understand is she belongs to me. She is mine to keep, to protect, to be whatever she needs. I will never let her go. Not even a bullet and blood will buy her freedom. I’m a Levin, Bratva, and we keep what’s ours.



This is the second book in the Bratva Bound standalone series. You need not have read the first to enjoy this one. Please see the content warning.

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