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The barely old enough to drink girl I’m forced to marry is an anime-loving, manga-reading, selective mute brat who wears too much eyeliner that highlights the anger in her eyes. Neither of us want this marriage but it will happen. I’ve worked too hard for too long not to do whatever it takes to run Vegas on behalf of the Outfit. 


I’m not surprised when Carina runs. What I wasn’t ready for is how much I want to catch her. Not because I have to marry her, because I want to—want her. I want her for her. Panic attacks, eyeliner, curvy gorgeous body, and all. The problem comes with convincing her. 


Carina may take some to believe me, believe in me. I’m not worried. We have all the time in the world because she belongs to me and I’m never letting her go.


***This features rough sexual scenes and a young woman using substance to self-medicate. And a ‘warning’ I never thought I would have to include is there is pregnancy in the book. If such things offend you please do not buy. This is a standalone that takes place in the Sabatini world. Milos and Celia from Beautiful Broken Obsession also appear as Carina is Celia’s sister. You need not have read any other book to enjoy this. If you want to, there are two books that leads directly into this is HIS: Luca and Beautiful Broken Obsession.***

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